Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to come climbing at Crag X?

  • If you know how to belay, show us your skills and away you go.

  • New to climbing? Take our Top Rope Lesson and learn all you need to climb on your own.

  • Just want to try climbing and have us manage the ropes? Book a Taste Test and try it out.

  • Boulder only? You can climb at Crag X but still need to take our Belay Test. Can't belay? You can be signed in as a Non-Belayer by a qualified friend.


  • As long as you can demonstrate a confident hand sequence belaying, put on a harness correctly and tie into a rope using a figure eight follow through you can climb at Crag X. Although we can't teach you to belay during a belay check, we are often able to guide your memory and get the rust off. Better yet, take a class with us. Our beginner lesson will get you up to speed and comes with a two week mini-membership - all for $59.


  • Although we teach the PBUS method of belaying, we allow any sequence that protects the brake line at all times and is executed competently and with attention. (What don't we allow? See this.)


  • It stands for Pull, Brake, Under and Slide.


  • A GriGri is an assisted braking belay device. The hand sequence for belaying with a GriGri is the same sequence for any belay device and we'd be glad to help you adapt your belaying skills to the device during the belay check. Longer video on the GriGri.

I want to Bring My Non-Climber Friend.  How does that Work?

  • As long as you have been belay tested on a previous visit, you can sign in one friend and pledge to take care of all the safety for their visit. We'll have you both sign a Non-Belayer Agreement.

  • One Non-Belayer per Belayer. Climb together. No teaching.

  • You can't sign in a Non-Belayer on your first visit.

Can I rent gear?

  • You bet! Shoes are $6 and a harness is $3. Want a chalk bag? $300 is the price, (but for you - $3.)

  • All other equipment is provided as part of your admission.

  • We only rent gear for use inside Crag X.

Do I need to bring my own belay device?

  • Nope, we take care of that. We have grigris attached to every rope. We do not allow outside belay devices to be used in the gym. Check out a lead rope? Please leave your ID with us.

I need to move my beginner lesson, how do I do that?

  • Our online booking system will let you move to another lesson, as long as you make the change more than 48 hours before the lesson. Need to make a change after that? Give us a call at (250) 383-4628 and our staff can move your lesson for you. Remember the conditions page when you booked - if you cancel within 24 hours (or don't show up) you loose 100% of your payment. Cancel from 48 to 24 hours ahead of the lesson and you lose 50% of your payment. We think that's fair.

Do you have lead climbing?

Do I have to use a GriGri even though I am lead climbing?

  • Yes. All belaying in Crag X is done with a GriGri. Want more info on the GriGri and leading? Check out Petzl.

What if I just want to boulder?

  • No problem. Boulderers still must sign our waiver and go through a facility orientation. You still need to be able to pass our belay test. Everyone in the facility must be a qualified belayer or under the supervision of one.

Do you have Belayers on staff?

Can you find me a climbing partner?

While we can't guarantee a climbing partner for you there are some things you can try:

  • Let us know when you arrive that you'd be up for being introduced to another climber.

  • Come to Odd Socks at 6:30 on the first Friday of the month. We make pairs!

  • Join the Crag X Facebook group and post there.

  • Introduce yourself to another climber!

  • No luck? Use our Tru-Blue Autobelay and climb on your own.

I am between the ages of 12-17 and I want to climb with my friends?

You can but there are a few things you'll need first:

  • You must have a waiver signed by your legal guardian

  • If you have belayed before you will have to pass a belay check

  • If you've never belayed before you'll have to take a youth lesson (12-16) or a beginner lesson (16+)

  • Youth under 18 are not allowed to sign in non-belayers

What is Power Hour?

  • Power hour is $11 entry after 9:30pm sharp on weekdays and goes until closing time at 11pm. We do not offer belay checks during this time so if you've never been to our gym before please come earlier and do a belay orientation and climbing session at the regular day pass rate.

  • Belayers may only sign in one non-belayer.

EFT and Prepaid Year Member Benefits:

  • Get two guest passes a month to bring new people climbing. (Must be new or not have passed our belay test yet)

  • Go ahead and sign in and take care of two Non-Belayers at a time instead of one.

  • Extra climbing from 10am-Noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during our Super Secret Member Bonus Climbing Time. Cash is closed, so no rentals or purchases are possible.

  • Reduced price on some of our events and courses.

Wait a second, Did you just say Super Secret Member Bonus Climbing Time?

  • Shhh! On Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am-noon we let climbers with Memberships and Punch Cards climb at the gym. The cash isn't open, so we cant sell or rent anything. We can't belay test either, cause we're doing behind the scenes climbing gym type work. If you are able to swipe your card and get climbing on your own this time is for you. We'll do our work and you'll do yours. (We might need to do some work that is too dangerous to allow climbing in these times. Rare, but no guarantees.)

How does the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Membership Work?

  • Your credit card will be charged a monthly membership fee on the 10th of each month.

  • When first setting up an EFT membership there is a $105 dollar startup fee that is paid up front. You will also be charged a pro-rated membership for that month.

  • If your card is declined, we will contact you. If your card is declined a second time, your membership will be cancelled and you won't be able to climb until you clear your debt with us.

  • If you rented a locker with us, $5 extra per month will be charged to your account. We will continue to charge your account until the key is returned to us. A lost key results in a $40 key replacement charge.

  • Memberships are not on contract and you may cancel at anytime. To cancel, let us know by emailing or coming into the gym. You will be billed one final charge on the 10th of the month.

  • Crag X may revoke your membership at any time for any reason.

How can I Freeze my Membership?

  • Anyone can freeze their membership at no charge with a note from their doctor. Military can freeze without charge if deployed.

  • EFT members have the extra benefit of freezing their membership at anytime, for any reason for $8 per month. Membership freezes are for a minimum of one month and for as long as you like. You may only start a freeze three times per calendar year. You can continue to hold a locker during a membership freeze - the full locker charge will be applied each month.

Do you have Gift Certificates?

Crag X Instagram?

  • Instagram is right here. Tweet? Sort of. Have a look here.

WHAT HAPPENS TO MY PUNCHES if I haven't been for a while?

  • Punches never expire, so they will be still be good for a day pass. Always. Forever.

I heard something about a recall on certain GriGris.  Are you on top of this?

  • Not to worry, we've checked our serial numbers and the recall does not affect our equipment. Details of the 2011 recall here.

I'm a sponsored Climber and want to climb at Crag X. Do you have something for me?

  • National Team Members climb free. BC Team members 16+ too. Email cronin@cragx.ca to set it up.

I heard you guys sponsor climbers - that true?

  • Yep, find all about it here.

What’s this Community Climb Days thing?

I want to climb outside, where should I go?

  • Jes Scott on her excellent WestCoastJes blog lays out the options in a great post covering the options on the island.

Who owns this joint anyway?