All About EFT

Member Benefits

  • Unlimited access to the gym during public hours

  • Special Member Only Climbing Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am-noon

  • Two Guest Passes a month to bring new climbers into Crag X (your guest can't already have passed our belay test)

  • Members are allowed to take care of two non-belayers at a time instead of the normal one to one ratios. (Non-belayers must be 12 years or older)

A Few Things you Should Know


Your credit card will be charged on the 10th of each month. You are paying in advance for the month. If your card is declined you’ll have until the 20th of the month to clear the amount owing from your account. If you fail to pay your dues your membership will be terminated and you won’t be able to climb until you clear your account. Two strikes of missing your payment and EFT is no longer an option for you.

If you rented a locker from us, $10 extra per month will be charged to your account. We will continue to charge the account until you return the locker key to us. Lost keys will result in a $40 replacement charge.


All cancellations or freezes must be submitted no later than the 7th of each month to be applied for the coming month. Otherwise your cancellation or freeze will be applied on the 10th of the following month. Backdating of status changes is not possible.

Memberships are not on contract, you can cancel at anytime. 

To cancel please visit our website and head to our membership change form. We will confirm cancellation by email once the form has been submitted. Once we cancel your membership it will not be terminated until the next billing date.


A benefit of the EFT Membership is the ability to freeze a membership without a doctor’s note. You may freeze your membership before the 10th of each month for any reason and restart at any point. Like cancellations, freeze requests must be submitted through the online form no later than the 7th of each month to be applied for the coming month. Membership changes are a minimum of one month and for as long as you would like. You may only start a freeze three times per calendar year. You will be charged $8 per month while your membership is on hold. You can continue to hold a locker during a membership freeze - the full locker charge will be applied each month unless you clean it out and return your key.

The way a freeze works is not super obvious, but it is done automatically by our Rock Gym Pro system.

1. The freeze is recorded the day you let us know, but doesn't come into effect until the next billing date.Why? Because you pay for your membership in advance, you've already paid for the month. At Crag X we bill on the 10th of the month. 

2. On the next billing date, you will be charged the Freeze Fee. You will be charged the Freeze Fee for every month you are frozen.

3. While you are frozen, you can come climbing but only as a regular day pass climber. If you have punches, you can use those.

4. Every 10th of the month you get charged the freeze fee for the month starting. 


1.When you are ready to come back, come into the gym and we will unfreeze you. 

2.The computer calculates how many days until the next billing date and then calculates what you owe for that portion of the month after your return. That will be billed to you straight away.

3. The next 10th of the month you will be billed the full amount for the month starting. 

Have more questions? Give us a call and we'll walk you through it.

Need to make a change to your membership? Head to cragx.ca/membership