Pandora Street

Well, that was nuts.

Walltopia is done. Plaque up. Tools down. Plamen and the boys on their way to the next climbing wall needing building.

Now it's our turn to really give it hard.  We are behind where we thought we would be, but the shipping delays and aggressive Walltopia timeline are behind us know.  We're starting a massive load in of our flooring tomorrow at 9am and then we are giving it until it's all over.


Our plan is to get the mezzanine open first so that all our friends with the climbing shakes can get their fix. Setters have been on the wall for a few days, putting up plastic as Walltopia works below. Once the city gives us occupancy (Tuesday?) we'll put out the call. Fingers crossed for Wednesday evening. 

The last push is on, thanks for waiting.