Pandora Street

Closing in on Closing Down

Well, we're nearly there. 

At the end of the month we'll have a final party on John Street, burn a couch, and then close down the first twenty years of Crag X. 

The new gym is looking amazing. Nikolai and I can hardly believe ourselves when we see the walls materializing in front of our eyes. Shapes that started as discussions and sketches  and folded note cards on Molé breakfast tables are now towering over our heads. Crazy. 

Soon all the things we want to offer Victoria climbers will be ready on Pandora Street. Leadable everything, dedicated bouldering, easy to clean bathrooms. Lockers, training equipment (and space for training!), clean air, warm air, and natural light. Tons of holds, tons of T-nuts, tons of options for route setters to make their magic and give us that pleasure that comes from working our bodies at something that feels both natural and adventurous. A lift. A great big open space to share with friends, walls to teach us the satisfaction of perseverance against our own limits. A meeting place for a community that values participation and effort alongside athletic achievement. Auto-belays for when the challenge is personal or the goal is zenned-out training. Or when the goal is just an hour on your own. A nice place for Drew and Silva and Milah and Sean and Leslie and Jaimy and Kirsten and Harrison and Lee and Spencer to work. 

We can't wait.

PS This was supposed to be a post reminding everyone that once we close down on John Street, our 13 for 12 months deal disappears. So consider yourself reminded.