How to Do Athletic Memberships

 Crag X offers free access to the gym for Members of the BC and National Climbing Team Members in all disciplines (13+).

We have also signed a contract with the Canadian Sport Institute, Pacific joining their GymWorks program granting free access to Carded Canadian Olympic Team Members in all sports. This covers admission to the gym. They pay for everything else just as normal.

They still must fill out a waiver and either pass a belay test or take a lesson the same as everyone else.

You can either fill out the Athletic Membership Form or carefully do it yourself:

Setting Up an Athletic Membership

Olympic Athletes will have a card that has their photo and name on it, as well as an expiry date. Put the expiry date in a note on their file.

National and Provincial Team Members are found on a list here. Put a note on their file indicating what team they are on.

1. Set them up as EFT members

2. Check the box for EFT - Bill Responsible Member Listed Above

3. Set the Responsible/Family Member:

  1. For Carded Olympic Athletes, set Canadian Sport Institute, Pacific

  2. For BC and National Team members, set National Team, Sponsorship Fund

4. Set their dues to Student or Adult as relevant. (No need to check student ID!)

5. Set the Next Bill date and check the Send Monthly Billing Email.

6. Their bills will be paid by the Crag X Sponsorship fund.

Olympic Althete Set Up.png