Athletic Membership

This is the form you use to set up a BC National Climbing Team Member (any disciplince 13+) a Canadian National Team Member (any discipline 13+) or a Carded Olympic Athlete with free access to the gym.

They get admission to the gym for free. They still have to do belay test and fill out waivers just like a normal person. Rentals are not included.

  1. Any Olympic Athlete will have a card with their name and photograph and expiry date. Please check. Enter the expiry date in a note on their file.

  2. Provincial and National Team members must be on the list found here. Enter a note on their file saying they which team they are a member of.

  3. Once you have confirmed they are legit, let them in today and fill out this form. Kenneth will set them up with Athletic Memberships.

Who is this athletic wonder? *
Who is this athletic wonder?
If someone needs to be contacted, make sure to include contact info!
Is their record set up and ready to go? *