Pandora Street

Schedule News

We found out this morning that the shipping containers holding our climbing wall won't be arriving to Vancouver until September 28 and then on to Victoria. The promised date for arrival in Victoria was September 9th.  This means that we won't be meeting our October 15th opening day target.  

We don't yet have a new target date for the opening, but we hope to have one soon.  

What at we do know: 

1. We will remain open at John Street until October 15th, and possibly later. 

2. For anyone who bought a three month or year membership, we will be extending your expiry date. Your membership won't start until we open  the doors on Pandora. It just means your free climbing on John Street lasts a little longer.

3. Anyone who bought a shorter membership to 'tide you over' till the new gym will be able to upgrade by just paying the difference. Ask at the desk for more details.  

We are disappointed in the delay. We'll update you all as soon as we have a better handle on this. Thanks for all the support and for your understanding. 

Nikolai and Kenneth