Technique Questionnaire


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We can help you climb harder if we know where you’re at and how you want to improve. Answer the questions below as best you can and one of our instructors will be in touch to set us a technique session with you.

My name is *
My name is
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I have been to Crag X before *
Head's up. We require everyone climbing at our facility to be belay tested or signed in by and adult who is.
An onsight is a clean climb of a route on your first try without any rests or falls.
I want to improve my *
Feel free to check more than one!
let us know about any injuries that you might be recovering from or suffered from in the past along with any background you feel is helpful to share.
The second person I'm booking with is
The second person I'm booking with is
This is a good time to tell us your ideal date and time but keep in mind that we need to make it work for our instructors schedules too.