Equipment and building Policy Page

 Equipment Policies

Quarantine procedure:

If you find a piece of equipment you suspect to be defective/damaged remove the equipment from use immediately. Place the equipment into the “Equipment Inspection” box at the bottom of the book shelf. Fill out an equipment form.

Equipment in the equipment inspection box will then be inspected by Drew, Harrison, or Bernard, before further action is taken.

Never hesitate to close a line, even on a busy night, if you are not sure about a piece of equipment.

Equipment related to Incident:
If an incident occurs that involves equipment, or if a major incident occurs where the equipment may be called into question, remove the equipment, photograph, and place it in a box sealed and dated with the name of the person involved in the incident (QUARANTINE - 05/28/19 Incident: Jojo Chinto) then placed in the sitting room.
Equipment should be removed from service in such a way that as little evidence is disturbed as possible. Ie: Untie figure 8 and pull rope through belay bar. Do not disassemble GriGri ect if possible.

Equipment stock:

Equipment stock, with the exception of rope, is stored in the electrical room which is only accessible to Drew and Silva.

If an item is needed, email one of them with the item and quantity needed.

Quick fixes any one can do:

Sticky Biner: 

Sticky biners can often be improved with a drop or two of cam lube from the desk.

Broken Lever spring:

Swap it out with the desk GriGri in the desk drawer and quarantine the broken one.

Damaged Auto Belay strap:

Clip the center of a rope to the biner and allow the auto belay to slowly retract to the top of the wall. Once fully retracted pull the rope.

Broken or loose biner pin: 

Tighten or replace pin, appropriate screwdriver is in front desk and labeled. Pins are stored with the screwdriver.

*be very careful as you tighten these since they can strip

Building Maintenance

These contacts to be used only if Drew is unavailable and the issue presenting itself cannot be resolved any other way. Otherwise please contact Drew and he will contact required contractor as needed. 


Red Blue Heating and A/C

(250) 590-2080

Front Door Lock:

Prices Lock and Safe:

(250) 384-4105


Callaway Plumbing 

Brett Callaway



Brewis Electric





250-382- 8741