Adult Groups

Adult Groups

Group Climbing Session

13 or more climbers - $18 each

This is a purely experiential 2 hour visit designed for the complete novice. Our staff will outfit the group with the necessary safety gear and will manage all safety systems during your visit. Participants will get to test their personal limits as they climb routes throughout the facility. 
2 hour session.

Rates are per person. Taxes extra. Advanced booking required. 

Group Beginner Lesson 

$45 per climber 


The real deal. A complete Beginner Lesson for groups. This course will teach the skills needed to manage the climbing safety systems at Crag X. The complete novice will learn how to: properly put on a harness, tie the figure eight knot and 'belay' another climber. Upon completion your group will have the skills to qualify for a Crag X Access card, which will permit them to return as a regular user. Super fun, a great thing to do with a group of friends looking to spend more time together. Popular with clubs and teams and corporate groups. 
As a bonus, receive ONE WEEK of FREE entry to the gym. 
2.5 hour session. 

Taxes extra. Advanced booking required.