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Tuesdays + Thursdays 6PM-7pm

A four week series of classes for climbers. A progression from foundations of yoga through to strength and mobility designed for climbers. This is not a stretching class, it is a key component of a climbing training program! We give you useable exercises and principles you can continue to use on your own.

Beginners will learn how yoga can benefit their climbing, while seasoned practitioners will learn specific principles and be introduced to new ideas that will customize and focus their yoga practice to improve their climbing.

The Eight Classes will cover key areas:

  • Foundations of yoga and essential movements
  • Hip and hamstring mobility and strength
  • Shoulder stability and neck mobility
  • Ankle 'wake up', balances, wrist and forearm strength.
  • Balanced efficient transitions with integrity.
  • Reinforced core stability through movement.
  • Oppositional movement, spacious movement and spinal stability
  • Strong lower body and expansive upper body.

Four weeks, eight 1 hour classes.

$80 non-members
$59 Members


Amber Fox is a certified Yoga Teacher and Medical Herbalist practicing in Victoria, passionate about making yoga approachable, useful, and fun. For more information or to answer any questions, contact her through her website: