Transition to Outdoors

Make the move to rock by building on your plastic skills. Nothing is as good as professional instruction.

Sport Lead and Clean

$120 per person

4 people max

Planning on making the transition to climbing outdoor sport routes? Do you already climb sport outside but would like to make sure you are as eficient as possible and up to date on the latest techniques?

We offer the skills you need to make the transition in two courses. Sport Lead and Clean makes you aware of the increased hazards of outdoor climbing and teaches you to make good gear selection for the route of your choice. Learn about clipping and racking, belaying options and rope handling for outdoors.

We discuss the importance of route inspection and offer techniques to mitigate outdoor hazards.

Learn two techniques for lowering off once you've reached the top and practice them until you have them solid.

Finally, we cover back-cleaning the route and lowering off retreiving your gear safely.



Sport LEad And Anchors

$120 Per Person

4 People Max

Perfect for the climber who knows how to lead outdoors, but would like to confirm their techniques and gain speed and efficiency in setting up anchors on bolts outside. 
 This course completes the knowledge gained in Sport Lead and Clean and gives the climber who has taken both a good foundation of knowledge to move to clipping bolts on stone.
Learn the criteria for building a bomber anchor using three standard methods and a discussion of the pros and cons of each method.  Use these techniques to convert your lead on draws to a toprope for your friends to climb on. Learn and practice belaying from the top, both direct and redirected. Gain the knowledge to rappel with a safe backed up system for top-access routes.

Pre-requisite: Sport Lead and Clean or similar course. Good experience with the material covered in Sport Lead and Clean may also suffice, talk to us to find out.



Multi-Pitch Systems

$240 Per Person

4 People Max

Take your outdoor climbing to the next level. This course requires two sessions,(3 hours each) to tackle all the material presented. Book any two sessions offered that fit your schedule without too much time in between them so you don't forget. 
  We'll look at the hazards and the equipment required to embark on multi-pitch climbs. Reveiw multi-directional anchor construction and top belaying of the second. Introduce the multi-pitch climbing system, preparation and communicaton, rope handling and station management. We'll also discuss techniques for belaying the leader using a redirected belay and introduce multipitch descending systems and emergency retreat. 

Pre-requisites: Sport lead and Clean and Sport Lead and Anchors or equivalent course or experience required. Come talk to us for more info.


Rope Rescue

$240 Per Person

4 People Max

Bring your skills to the next level with our Rock Rescue course. This two part course requires booking two 3.5 hour sessions to complete the course(2 x $120.00). Book any two sessions that fit your schedule without too much time in between to keep you from getting rusty.
On day one we'll look at potential hazards, equipment selection, knots and hitches, rappelling and rope ascension, tying off and escaping the belay.
Day two will cover load transfers, raises and lowers, reversing an autoblock, tandem rappels and counter balance rappels.

Participants must have passed our lead test and have a solid understanding of sport leading, anchor building and cleaning also offered within our Transition to Outdoors course



Who is Teaching These courses?

Our course instructor is Ian Middleton, ACMG Guide. 

"I grew up in the playground that is Vancouver Island and was introduced to sport at an early age. After years of progressing through different team and individual sports, I eventually found a calling in the mountains. What began as a passion for mountain biking and trail running led to a love of multi-discipline adventure racing and a new-found appetite for climbing.

Following years of travel through over 30 countries and a diverse set of skills gained along the way, I've returned to a place where the mountains and ocean co-exist. I lived to push my limits and have been blessed to experience the outdoors the way I have - I now love creating and being involved in custom adventures that give perspective and create a lasting desire in others to get out there. With the popularity of indoor climbing blowing up, I feel teaching foundations during the off season, in a safe, comfortable environment, allows for a confident transition into the world-class cragging and multi-pitch offerings we are blessed with on the coast."

-Ian Middleton


Looking to Top Rope? We teach that too.

Under 16? see our Youth section. Bigger Group? Find out more here.