Technique & Training

Technique Friday

FREE - Must reserve your spot

Novice climber who has already passed our belay test or took a Beginner Lesson and now looking to make some improvements to your climbing? Join us on the Second Friday of every month for a one hour free technique and training clinic.  Connect with other climbers and learn how to get the most out of every visit. Admission to gym not included.

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Hi-Tech Friday

FREE - Must reserve your spot

Are you plateaued at 5.11a and looking to make some advancements to your climbing and training regime?  Join us on the third Friday of every month for a one hour free technique and training clinic. Our instructors cover topics from dyno’s to hangboarding to heelhooking. Admission to gym not included.

Private Instruction

$50 per hour for one person

$40 per hour per person for two people

Master these essential climbing tools

Hit your plateau? Struggling to break through to the next level? Want to break through a mental barrier? We’ll match you up with an instructor to delve into the details of your climbing technique. Energy conservation, footwork and flagging, effective movement and the subtleties of the core skills that make climbing fun - and improve your climbing grade.

Contact us to begin your booking.


Looking to Top Rope? We teach that too.

Under 16? see our Youth section. Bigger Group? Find out more here.

 Rise & Climb

$159 for SIX weeks
[Members Pay $140]

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6AM-8AM
Twelve sessions

Rise and Climb and get your sweat shine on in the morning. Come for a 2 hour directed climbing session with Drew Lauder and guest instructors.  Twice a week. Following a half hour warmup, a new topic will be introduced to help focus your climbing session. The final half hour is coached project time for those with a specific training goal. Move your climbing to the next level or just use the early start to fit more climbing into your busy life. Suitable for all abilities. Must have taken a beginner lesson or passed a belay test prior to first session. 18+

Yoga for Climbers

FREE - Must reserve your spot

30 minute yoga classes to integrate into your evening climb. Warm up or cool down with this free yoga class. Dates and times may vary.