Summer Youth Membership

Summer Youth Membership

$59 per climber

Ages 12-17

Have an independent teen who would like a place to go during the day and practice a healthy lifelong sport? Looking for summer activities, but your child is too old for camps and responsible enough to get around the city on their own? The Summer Youth Membership is designed for your child. Book a youth climbing lesson and they will be taught all the skills necessary to start climbing on their own, including basic movement and the etiquette of this adult-focused sport.

At the first two hour session participants will learn how to put on a harness, tie the proper knots and safely manage the rope belay systems. Skills are reviewed and tested in follow up visits to ensure retention. Mastery of safety skills must be attained to gain independent access. Each course includes rental equipment for the day of the lesson and ONE MONTH of entry to the gym so that youth can engrave their new skills. Lessons are available on Tuesday and Friday afternoons and can be booked online.

Crag X is located on Pandora Avenue and is reachable on protected bike lanes from most of the city. We have been in business for 25 years with focus on adults but run special programs for youth. Climbing is an excellent sport for people of all physical abilities and body sizes and we have climbers who are still climbing with us well into their 80s.

This is not, however a supervised ‘camp’ program. Instructors are CWA certified and we have safety monitors on the floor keeping an eye on all of our climbers’ safety systems. The child’s legal guardian will have to sign a waiver before the first lesson. Find our waiver here.

Ages 12-17 only. As climbing is a partner sport, we require booking in pairs. Pairs do not have to have the same age or athletic ability.

A parent or guardian must fill in and submit our waiver before the lesson.