Locker Request/Change

Requests: We only rent small lockers and if we don’t have one available, we can put them on the waiting list. We can’t guarantee which locker they will get.

Cancellations: Lockers are rented a month ahead, so the locker is paid until the 10th of the month. Make sure the person knows to empty their locker out before the 10th of the month and to return the key to desk. We won’t cancel the billing until we get the key back. A lost key is $40.

Locker Owner *
Locker Owner
Lockers are small sized only.
We don't rent lockers to Punch Pass or One Month members.
Credit Card On file? *
Go to the EFT/Billing tab and make sure there is a credit card entered. Prepaid members need to have a card on file to rent.
Key Returned? *
Leave the key in the Lead ID drawer with a piece of tape indicating the members name if you are not the one that has set the locker back to quarter required entry.
If this is a cancelation, make sure to note locker number and the requested end date.