First Visit

Not a Climber?

The best way to start climbing is to take our Beginner Lesson and learn to manage the top rope safety systems yourself. Includes all rentals for your lesson and a FREE TWO WEEK mini-membership to the gym.

Not sure? Take a Taste Test and have our staff manage the safety systems for an hour of climbing. No safety system instruction, just climbing! 

Want to come climbing with a climber friend? If you come with someone who already climbs at Crag X, you can sign our Non-Belayer Agreement and have your friend manage the safety systems for you. Your climber friend can't take care of you on the same day that they do their belay test. No teaching allowed. Details at the gym.

Thinking of coming with a child? Read our Child Policy to find out how it works.

Already a Climber? 

Take our free Top Rope Belay Test and get climbing.

Show us a properly worn harness, a confident hand sequence that protects the brake line and a well tied Figure of Eight knot and you are good to go. Not familiar with the Gri Gri? We'll show you how to adapt your hand sequence to the device.

Want to bring a non-climber friend? Sign them in as a non-belayer. You can't sign someone in on your first visit and you can only sign in one non-belayer per day.

No Belay Tests available during Power Hour (9:30-11pm Weekdays)

Boulderer? You can come to Crag X and just boulder, but you'll still have to pass our Belay Test. Everyone in the facility must be able to belay or be under the supervision of someone who can.

Lead Climber? Climbers 16 and over can take our $10 Lead Test and get going. We require a very high level of skill using a GRIGRI to belay a leader. Not familiar with the GRIGRI? Watch this Petzl video and practice before our test. Fail the test? You'll have to wait two weeks before you can test again. Please give us a call at 250-383-4628 to make sure we can give you lead test at the time you are planning to come visit.

Crag X is open to the public, but some restrictions apply.
All users must read and sign our online waiver before climbing. 
Under 18? You must have one of our waiver forms completed by your own parent or legally assigned guardian in order to participate.